Mastermind - Broken EP

BROKEN CD single / EP

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    1. Broken  (4:22)
    2. Break Me Down  (3:30)
    3. Weak & Powerless  (5:00)
    4. The Queen of Sheba  (9:02)
    5. William Tell Overture  (3:11)
    6. A Million Miles Away  (7:51)
    7. I'm So Glad  4:58)
    8. Broken (extended mix)  (5:35)

    44 min's total playing time.

    All music & lyrics by Bill Berends © 2005
    except I'm So Glad by Skip James and
    Weak & Powerless © Keenan/Howerdel

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    MASTERMIND BROKEN personnel:

    Bill Berends: guitar, midi-guitar, vocal (bass track 2)
    Rich Berends: drums & percussion
    Jens Johansson: keyboard (tracks 1&2)
    Tracy McShane: vocals
    Greg Hagen: bass (track 1)
    Laura Johnson: bass (tracks 3>8)

    The first official Mastermind release in 5 years, Broken was prelude to the full length Insomnia album later released in 2010 by Lion Music (Finland). A special CD SINGLE / EP pre-release of two tracks from the long awaited Insomnia album plus five tracks recorded just for this EP. Hear the title track in full on MySpace. With the original extended mix of "Broken" this EP is a perfect partner for the Insomnia release.

    The EP features the exclusive recording of our arrangement of A Perfect Circle's Weak & Powerless and four classic Mastermind tracks recorded live-in-the-studio. Jammed out versions of some Angels of the Apocalypse tunes, a blazing "William Tell Overture" and the delta blues classic "I'm So Glad." If you've enjoyed the band live in the new millennium, you should dig this disc. We think it kicks some ass.

    Release date: December 2005 / Read the reviews.

    Distributors & retailers: Marquee Inc (Japan), Just For Kicks (Germany), CRS (UK), CD-Services (UK), ZNR Records (USA), Syn-Phonic (USA), Laser's Edge (USA), Big Balloon (USA), Sonic Cathedral (USA)

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