Mastermind IV: Until Eternity

Until Eternity

1. Under the Wheels   (6:45)
2. Inferno   (4:00)
3. Dreaming   (3:40)
4. The Tempest   (9:30)
5. As it is in Heaven   (4:30)
6. Jubilee   (4:00)
7. Too Much to Ask For   (6:35)
8. Until Eternity   (13:40)

Total Playing Time: 53:15


All music & lyrics written by Bill Berends ©1996
©1996 Bill Berends Music Publishing (ASCAP)

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Mastermind 1996/97 is:

Bill Berends: guitars, midi-guitar, vocal, bass
Rich Berends: drums & percussion
Phil Antolino: bass & midi-pedals (live)

"This album represents Mastermind's compositional coming of age, the band is intense without sounding strained, a special maturity few American prog bands have managed to achieve. 'Until Eternity' has it all..." - Progression Magazine

"Mastermind has carefully balanced all of their best tendencies... this is clearly (their) most cohesive effort to date." - Exposť

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Prozone/Dutch East: PRO896-2 (USA 1996)
Cyclops/GFT Ltd: CYCL 043 (UK 1996)
Belle Antique: BA96224 (Japan 1996)

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