The Berends Brothers MASTERMIND

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From Tokyo to London, Holland thru Germany, Boston to San Francisco, we will never forget the enthusiasm with which we were received on our first world tour and appreciate the support given by those who made it possible. These are tales from our travels, we hope you enjoy them.
Special thanks to: Shingo Ueno, Hiroshi Masuda, Ars Nova, Art Dorety, Norie Hashikawa, Gerard, "Seazer" Kobayashi, Soh Band, Toru Mitsuhashi, Providence, Naohiro Yamazaki, Mark Robotham, Steve Anderson, Malcolm Parker, Kristian Selm, Arie Verstegen, Milli Kusmick, Jim Pitulski, Fish, Yatta, Doc, Mike Potter, Adam Levin, Chris Harp, Steve Witte.

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