Volume Two "Brainstorm"


01. Brainstorm  (21:15)
   I. 1st Futility
   II. Light of Day
   III. 2nd Futility
   IV. Breakdown
   V. From the Ashes
   VI. Dance of the Demons
   VII. Resolution

02. Firefly  (3:15)
03. Nowhere In Sight [ZNR release]  (4:40)
04. Looking Ahead  (4:05)
05. Go For It!  (2:50)
06. The Ride of the Valkyrie  (4:05)
07. Prelude
--- Triumph of the Will  (17:50)
   08. I. Aspirations
   09. II. Hammer of Fate
   10. III. Tormented Heart
   11. IV. Resurrection

12. William Tell Overture  (3:10)
13.Code of Honor  (4:00)
14. Brave New World - bonus track JP (3:30)
15. Wake Up America - bonus track Eu (4:04)

Total time: 70 min's (original) 78 min's (2008 version)


All music & lyrics by Bill Berends © 1988+1996 except:
The Ride of the Valkryrie by Richard Wagner and
William Tell Overture by Gioacchino Rossini.
©1996 Bill Berends Music. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

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Brainstorm era line up:

Bill Berends: guitars, midi-guitar, vocal, bass
Rich Berends: drums, timpani, & percussion
Phil Antolino / Mark Stavola / Bob Eckman: bass (live)

Released in Dec. 1991 by ZNR Records, BRAINSTORM has been steadily gaining in popularity over the years and the driving 22 minute title opus is a mainstay of Mastermind live shows. Digitally remixed and remastered, sales continue to grow making this the most popular of the early Mastermind albums.

Bill Berends   Rich Berends

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Release date: December 1991

ZNR Records: ZNR 1002 (USA 1991)
Belle Antique: 96289 (Japanese 1997 reissue)
Cyclops/GFT Ltd: CYCL 052 (UK 1997 Reissue)

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* 2008 digital remaster has all original tracks + 2 bonus tracks)

Also available at mindawn.com