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September 24th, 2009 | Category: Mastermind,music,News

We know a lot of people have been fans of the band for a long time (we love you all!) so this is old news. Yet we are also aware many people have only came to know us from our last few releases since Inside Out had pretty good distribution.

Over time our earlier works have been getting harder to find on CD, so to help you learn more about the history of the band you can now listen to our albums in their entirety at * where we will start from the beginning and work our way forward.

This is Mastermind Volume One, our first album from 1990. We hope you enjoy it…

<a href="">Child of Technology by Mastermind</a>

Go directly to the page by clicking the name above. You can embed this little player anywhere you like too! Just click the SHARE link there and choose a player. Cool! Do it with individual songs too. There is a freebie in there too if you look for it. There’s also an option to purchase at any price above the minimum if you want to show your appreciation. We sure could use your help! If not, you can listen as much as you want online, no strings attached. We just want you to hear the music. Listening to it again while prepping the files…. it’s still a darn good album even after all these years.

Bandcamp downloads are in any format you choose too… mp3, AAC, FLAC, Ogg, Apple Lossless, etc. We hope you decide you can’t live without it and snag a copy for your iPod or whatever people use these days! Thanks and enjoy. More to come.

* all titles are at Mindawn as well, but the bandcamp streaming feature is excellent.

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