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The best of 2010

January 03rd, 2011 | Category: Mastermind,music,News,reviews

Happy New Year everybody!

2010 was a great year for Mastermind because we finally saw the release of the long awaited Insomnia album by Lion Music. As is customary at the end of the year, critics, DJ’s, etc compile their “best of the year” lists. We are pleased to know Insomnia made at least a few of these lists! Music critic Chris Latta, who wrote a very nice review at, included Insomnia in his Top 10 Favorite Albums of 2010 saying…

“Mastermind’s newest album is dramatically different when compared to their prog metal past. While the band does occasionally show off some technicality, the songwriting on this album is much more accessible and has a really modern feel thanks to the vocals of Tracy McShane. In a perfect world, this album would be a massive hit and one can only hope that the band will build up some momentum with this release.”

Yes, we can only hope!! Thanks Chris. Also, Delicious Agony Radio’s “Rickter Scale” show hosted by Rick Dashiell lists Insomnia track “Desire” in his Top 40 of the Year… nice! Thanks Rick. So we are pleased to know at least a few people are enjoying the album. If you visit the reviews page here on this site you will see there are quite a few others that seem to appreciate the album as well. Thank you all! Now if only the rest of the world would catch on.

If you haven’t heard the album yet we encourage you to go have a listen.

Otherwise, we are still hoping to get Mastermind live off the ground sometime this year if possible, and news about other projects such as The Berends Brothers Band can be found on guitarist Bill Berends newly updated website;

Best wishes to all for the new year… here’s to more music on 2011!

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